Blast Royale
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Blast Royale

Official Blast Royale Whitepaper (v.0.2.1). Changes can be applied during development. Last update: April 2023
Welcome to Blast Royale!
Blast Royale is a mobile Battle Royale game designed for the web3 generation! A fun, frenetic adrenaline fuelled short session game that is about packing as much fun onto the blockchain as possible.
We aim to bring high-quality, fun experiences to the blockchain and to help gather mainstream crypto adoption. Players fully own their own assets and can actively participate in the game ecosystem.
The project is part of a new generation of video games in which players may earn cryptocurrency for their contributions to the ecosystem.
You can participate in the Blast Royale metaverse in many ways, including:
  • Playing Matches against real players
  • Progressing on multiple paths such as Battle Pass
  • Completing Events by participating in the metaverse's activities
  • Selling equipment that you have upgraded and proved worthy
  • Creating new equipment and then selling it to other players
  • Selling resources that you are earning by playing the game
  • Being a creator that actively contributes to the ecosystem
  • Taking part in community activities and helping the metaverse to evolve
Your skill is crucial to bring you big rewards from:
  • Competing in Leagues and Leaderboards and progressing through them over time
  • Engaging in Special Events that are designed for players to show off their proficiency in the game
  • Winning Tournaments where participants contribute to the prize pool
  • Becoming a professional player
And for those feeling lucky and venturous there will be ways to test it by:
  • Participating in Fun Events where even the tiniest entry can be a win
  • Playing Minigames that will pop in from time to time to surprise you
  • Catching limited giveaways that we will air for our engaged community

A Decentralised Gaming Community

Blast Royale is designed with the community at its core. The Blast Royale team will be responsible for developing and distributing assets, but the community will also generate new assets that users will use to participate in the ecosystem.
The team will also be responsible for developing the functionalities that enable the metaverse in which the game operates to perform well and entertain its users. Many assets in the metaverse are NFTs designed to allow the creation of new gaming experiences.
The project has been conceived with an initial roadmap that will be developed over the coming months, with the full scope of the project envisaged to take several years of development.
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