Blast Royale
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There are billions of pieces of unique equipment in Blast Royale that can be equipped to a player’s character, all affecting the performance and appearance of the character in battle. Equip heavy armour and heavy weapons to deal big damage and be protected, or play a hit and run style by equipping a rapid fire weapon and a light armour set to move quickly. The choice is all yours!
Equipment has many attributes that may influence visual appearance, gameplay stats, and additional effects, with some pieces being more powerful, rare and valuable than others.
Common weapon and Legendary weapon examples
Equipment can therefore have varying effects even within the same category, allowing you to tailor your character to any play style you prefer.

Free Equipment

For the metaverse to really grow there shouldn't be an upfront payment required to play. That's why when we fully release the Free-to-Play layer, we will start giving our players some free equipment to play with. There will also be ways to grow your inventory, obtain more free equipment, and upgrade it using resources acquired by playing the game, like in any regular Free-to-Play game.
The free equipment cannot be turned into Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) though, and it doesn't let you earn Craft Spice just by succeeding in matches. However, there will be a possibility to succeed in meta competitions and win resources there instead, even with non-NFT equipment.


Thanks to blockchain technology and NFTs, players can own their game assets. You will not only be able to play with your NFTs, but you will be able to use them to try to earn Crypto Currency, and trade them. All of those hours spent on a game may now have a monetary value associated with them.


Equipment in Blast Royale is created with a random Durability value that reduces over time due to a Rusting process. A week of real life will be equivalent to 1 Durability point of the NFT equipment (for non-NFT equipment it will likely be different). Equipment will be durable, but not eternal. This mechanism is used to control the overpopulation of items in the long term and provide the economy with more realism and health.
Early editions of Blast Royale equipment will have durability between 3 and 5 points.
At the end of the equipment's life cycle, the owner will still own the item and can sell it, use it in replication, scrap it, or keep it as part of a collection. The only limitation is that rusted NFT items don't contribute to earnings and rusted items cannot be equipped on your character to be used in the gameplay.


Although it's important for the ecosystem that old items leave it and new items take their place, there will be a way to hold on to your absolutely favorite item by repairing it. More about this system is on the Repair page.


Each equipment piece has a series of attributes, some fixed, and some variable in the short or long term. Most of the attributes are deliberately abstract to make it easier for equipment to be used in various gameplays, where each gameplay interprets those attributes according to its own rules. It also gives more space for balancing which is a crucial component of fun in an action game.


All initial equipment belongs to the 1st generation. Equipment that is created by players will have 2nd+ generation, depending on the source items used in the Replication process.


There will be numbered editions of equipment pieces but may also be special editions, e.g. Anniversary or seasonal editions.


Different items have different manufacturers. It's a foundation for the system of damage and protection types that we will implement. Manufacturers will also affect the perks of items.


A player's character has several slots to equip items into. Each slot is associated with a certain category, like Helmet, Shield, Weapon, etc.


Being a proper loot item each equipment piece goes with Divine, Majestic or Ornate for example. The adjective is represented on a card's visual with a pattern behind the picture of an item.


All equipment pieces belong to one of the several factions. Factions will have relationships with each other that affect how items interact in gameplay. E.g. one faction's weapon may deal higher damage to another faction's armour but lower damage to a third faction's armour etc.
The combination of Adjective, Faction and Category also grants additional bonuses to equipment. For instance, the Ornate Amulet from Chaos faction increases movement speed.


Each equipment piece has a material attribute that is represented on a card's visual with a background behind the name of the item.
Combinations of Material and Category grant various bonuses to equipment.


Each item also has a rarity, of course. The rarity is represented on a card's visual with a color of a background behind the picture of an item. The rarity scales the power of an item, so the higher the rarity the better.


The grade is an indication of quality. First-grade equipment is usually better than the second-grade. The grade scales the power of an item, similar to rarity.
It's represented with a roman number in the top right corner of the card.


This attribute defines how long the equipment can be used in battles.


The level scales the power of an item. The higher the better. Players can upgrade an item to increase its level up to a certain max level that is limited by rarity.


Each piece of equipment may have several perks. Perks can have all sorts of effects ranging from gameplay features to modifications of their value in the meta game. E.g. one perk may grant +15% damage if the owner wears it and has full health, while another perk may grant +0.5% damage reduction just if you have this item in the meta inventory.

Crates in the gameplay

After players have purchased items from our marketplace, or have loaned them through a partnership system, they will appear in the player's in-game inventory, along with non-NFT items. From here players can select a preferred loadout.
Once a loadout has been selected, the items from that loadout will drop as a priority from crates within the gameplay. Crates are scattered around the map of Blast Royale in a Battle Royale mode. The more crates you open and loot, the more powerful you will become! More details about crates you can find on Battle Royale Specifics page.