Blast Royale
Battle Royales and other game modes will take place in various locations in the Blast Royale metaverse, making gameplay interesting, diverse and fun to play every day.
Preparing for a battle in a new location

Battle Royale map

Introducing our first Battle Royale map - Proving Ground Island. Created to test the skills of our combat contestants!

The future

We will introduce more maps for Battle Royale game mode, and we will also have various maps for other game modes.
Each map will give you more information about the world where all events are happening. And each next piece of information will be a foundation for our community to develop their own stories, ideas, and creations that may influence the future.
β€œFlood City” concept
Moreover, locations have the potential to be much more than just a battleground. A hub? A party place? Together we will explore various possibilities in the future!
β€œThe Sky Deck” concept
β€œThe Wilderness” concept
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Battle Royale map
The future