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Replication is the process of creating a new equipment piece based on the attributes of two source equipment pieces. This process is the main way to produce more equipment, increasing the equipment supply on the market.
For instance, instead of buying new equipment, you can create a new one using the existing items you have. Or you can strategically choose source items to try to create a new specific item that you need.


To perform Replication a player has to have 2 equipment pieces with the Replication Counter bigger than 0. Each Replication always reduces the Replication Counter for both source equipment pieces on 1. If the Replication Counter is 0 then you can't use such an item in the Replication anymore.
Apart from the reducing Replication Counter, source items aren't being affected by Replication in any way.
Replication also costs some resources.
In the Pre-$BLST era (while the $BLST is not listed) the Replication process will require only Craft Spice as a payment, plus some MATIC as a gas fee.
After the $BLST listing, the Replication will require $CS and $BLST tokens, plus some MATIC as a gas fee.
All $CS are being burnt, while all $BLST are being transferred into the Treasury and Company wallets (more on this on Monetisation page).
The price depends on how many times each item was used in Replications. The more times an item was used - the higher the price. An example of how prices may look is presented in the table below.
The prices that will be used in Pre-$BLST era:
In how many Replications the item was used before
$CS required for the item
For example:
  • the first source item was used in 1 replication before
  • the second item was used in 2 replications before
  • the price of the replication will be 250 + 350 = 600 $CS

Replication Counter

All first Generation equipment will be created with a Replication Counter, that for the Genesis edition will be set to 3. This is the Initial Replication Counter (IRC) value.
IRC of an equipment piece that is created with the Replication process will depend on IRCs of source equipment pieces.
This is how we calculate the IRC for the new item:
  • First, we calculate the Lower Limit. Lower Limit = Round Down ( ( <IRC of Source Item 1> + <IRC of Source Item 2> ) / 4 )
  • Then we calculate the Upper Limit Upper Limit = Round Up ( ( <IRC of Source Item 1> + <IRC of Source Item 2> ) / 2 ) - 1
  • Then then IRC for the new item will be randomly chosen between “Lower Limit” and “Upper Limit”, inclusive the both limits
For example:
  • The first source item has an IRC 4
  • The second source item has an IRC 3
  • We calculate the lower limit: Round Down ( (4 + 3) / 4 ) = 1
  • We calculate the upper limit: Round Up ( (4 + 3) / 2 ) - 1 = 3
  • The IRC for the new item will be randomly chosen in a range between 1 and 3 inclusive both limits. Basically, there's 33.3% chance to have 1, 33.3% chance to have 2, and 33.3% chance to get 3

Replication Time

It takes 5 days for Royale Mail to deliver your new equipment piece into your inventory.
But there are no limitations on how you use both source items. They aren't blocked by any cooldown or anything, so you can freely use them in the game and even do another replication.

Attributes Inheritance

The attributes of the new equipment piece will depend on the attributes of the source pieces, except for the Level which is set to 1 for a newly replicated item.
There will be several types of inheritance logic:
  • Simple uniform random choice Example: Source Equipment 1: Category Helmet Source Equipment 2: Category Armour Resulted Equipment: 50% chance to get a Helmet and 50% chance to get an Armour
  • Simple calculations of an average or min/max or increments One example: Source Equipment 1: Generation 1 Source Equipment 2: Generation 3 Resulted Equipment: MinimalValue( 1; 3 ) + 1 = Generation 2
  • Chance-based, where probabilities depend on generations of source items. An older generation will have a higher chance to pass its attributes. Example:
    SourceEquipmet1Generation = 1
    SourceEquipmet2Generation = 6
    SourceEquipmet1AttributePassChance = 100 / (1 + 6) * ((1+6) - 1) = 85.71%
    SourceEquipmet2AttributePassChance = 100 / (1 + 6) * ((1+6) - 6) = 14.29%
  • Chance-based, where probabilities are taken from NFTs generators relevant to source items which are based on their editions.
To put it simply for each attribute:
  • The category will be chosen between categories of source items. The older generation gives a higher chance to pass its category to the replicated item Example:
    • Helmet Generation 1
    • Weapon Generation 3
    • The chance that the new item will be Helmet is 75%, and 25% chance that it will be a Weapon
  • Faction is chosen the same way as Category
  • Rarity will be in a range between the rarities of source items If one item is Rare+ and another one is Epic+ then the new item will be Rare+, Epic or Epic+. The chance is not uniform, so the higher rarities will have lower chances
  • Grade, Adjective and Material are chosen in a similar way to Rarity
  • For the Max Durability we use uniform random between Max Durabilities of source items. For example, if source items have max durabilities 3 and 5 then the new item will have a 33.3% chance to get 3, 33.3% chance to get 3 and 33.3% chance to get 5.

Using Replication in the Blast Hub

Replication process is performed in the Blast Hub. Check the Replicating page to see how to do it.