Blast Royale
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Blast Royale will be monetized with different revenue streams as follows:
  • Continuous NFT sales
  • Revenue from in-app purchases
  • 2.5% fee on trading equipment on a secondary market applied to MATIC/$BLST. 35% of it goes ot Company and 65% of it going to Treasury
  • MATIC/$BLST that are spent as utility are also going to Company/Treasury in a 35%/65% split. The sources are:
    • Upgrade system
    • Replication system
    • Repair system
    • Crafting system
  • Collection of 5% of tokens as a Tournament fee on buy-ins
The exact values are not final and subject to change.

Pre-$BLST era

Blast Royale will be on Mainnet before the listing of $BLST happens. We call this time the "Pre-$BLST era". During this time we will use MATIC instead of $BLST in various utilities across the project.

Continuous NFT sales

We will generate revenue from the sale of game assets that we will inject from time to time into the Blast Royale metaverse such as new equipment categories, character animations, characters, and other customization options.

Revenue from in-app purchases

Blast Royale has an in-game shop where players currently can buy non-NFT equipment.
It will have more in-game goods in the future for players to buy and use in the game. Those goods won't always interact directly with the blockchain part of things.

Trading fee

This one is easier to illustrate with examples:
  • Player 1 paid, for example, 45 $BLST to buy an NFT character from Player 2 Player 2 received 45 - (45 * 2.5%) = 43.875 $BLST The company takes (1.125 * 35%) = 0.39375 $BLST (1.125 * 65%) = 0.73125 $BLST end up in the Treasury
  • Player 1 paid, for example, 8 $BLST to Upgrade/Replicate/Craft equipment The company takes (8 * 35%) = 2.8 $BLST
    (8 * 65%) = 5.2 $BLST end up in the Treasury

Tournaments fee

There will be competitions in the game where contestants will have to have buy-in in tokens to enter. We will take a commission from each buy-in, and all the rest will form a pool prize for a tournament.

Treasury Funds

A part of the non-staked Treasury $BLST will be moved towards the Playing Rewards pool to refill it to keep rewarding skilled players for succeeding in the game.
These funds will be also used for other activities that are necessary and beneficial for the growth and success of the whole ecosystem.