Blast Royale
Release Notes and Changelog
This whitepaper provides comprehensive information about Blast Royale, including thesis, gameplay, ecosystem, token economy, and roadmap.
Our objective with this whitepaper is to offer full transparency between developers and players, and to help our community keep up to date with developments and updates to Blast Royale.
Notice and Disclaimer: This whitepaper will be constantly updated by the Blast Royale team at First Light Games. The objective of all changes is to improve the quality and sustainability of the project.
Version: 0.2.0
Edited: September 2022
  • Added Profile sub-page to the Marketplace section with information on how to change a portrait and other settings
  • Updated Marketplace section with up-to-date screenshots and small guides
Edited: August 2022
  • Updated the Roadmap with marking some things done, moving some things around etc. See if you can spot new upcoming features there.
  • Added the Gameplay Stats page where we described all essential gameplay stats of equipment
  • Added a new glossary page with information and a short description about each of the weapons that can be used in the game
  • Added a new page with the specific information about weapon slots, equipment attributes and crates behaviours in the Battle Royale game mode
  • Added a new page with the information about Special Abilities​
  • Added a new block of pages related to the Blast Royale Marketplace describing various main functions and sections of it. Check it out on the Marketplace page and its subpages
  • Following some early simulation results, we have updated the Monetisation page with 35/65 split between Company/Treasury, along with other minor clarifications. We keep working on this front and likely more updates and fine-tuning will follow
  • We've removed the Equipment Experience resource from the system, for now, to speed up the development and reduce the complexity where one might not be needed. We also deleted the Experience page. Equipment upgrade will need only $CS and $BLST now. We reflected these changes on Upgrade page​
  • Added the information about $BLST price calculation on Repair page​
  • Actualized the information about equipment attributes on Equipment page​
  • Updated FAQ page - we've moved all questions and answers to the Helpshift platform that will be accessible from all the places, including the game client
  • Made a few small updates to make statements and wordings clearer:
Version: 0.1.2
Edited: June 2022
Edited: May 2022
Edited: April 2022
  • Clarified Leagues and Championships on the Competition page
  • Clarified information about free equipment and free/NFT characters
  • "Free-to-Play layer" found its place on the roadmap
  • Clarified what happens with $CS and $BLST when players spend them
  • Updated Roadmap page​
  • $BLT renamed to $BLST
Edited: March 2022
Edited: February 2022
Edited: January 2022
Version: 0.1.1
Edited: December 2021
Version: 0.1.0
Edited: November 2021
  • Updated Roadmap
  • Updated Allocation and Token Bonding Curve
Version: 0.0.1
Edited: October 2021
  • Blast Royale Whitepaper first published
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