Blast Royale


Neil McFarland CEO - Creative Lead and Co-Founder

With 20 years experience designing for specifically for mobile and as Founder/Director of Games at ustwo games (Monument Valley, MV2, Lands End VR, Whale Trail) Neil injects high octane creative fuel into First Light projects and oversees the business.

Anil Das-Gupta CPO - Product / Design Lead and Co-Founder

Been there, got the T-shirt. Anil has worked on some of the world’s biggest games projects and has held positions as Director of Product, Lead Designer and Product Manager on a huge range of top-tier games. Also an author of several articles on the industry leading Deconstructor of Fun blog.
Previously at NaturalMotion, Wargaming, GREE and Capcom.

Matt Ryan CTO and Co-Founder

Having earned his immense professional status at such top-drawer studios as Natural Motion, Lionhead and SCEE Matt now ensures that our games and tech team run with buttery smoothness.

Nik Denissov - Lead Designer

Equally competent with creative and system design, Nik was lead designer at Wargaming and Creative Mobile, working on wide range of genres such as PvP, PvE Midcore and Casual games.

John Lilley - Lead Artist

Stalwart veteran of the industry. Has worked on classic franchises such as Tomb Raider and Cannon Fodder all the way up to cutting edge graphical modern mobile titles such as Dawn of Titans.

Miguel Tomas - Director of Development

Previously a Development Director at Inno Games, Gram Games on top 50 hit Merge Dragons, and CTO at Bica Games.

Gabriel Slomka - Lead Backend Developer

Gabriel joins us from Digit studios in Ireland, where he worked on the top 50 grossing game Star Trek: Fleet Command, published by Scopely. At Digit, he maintained a distributed python server that supported thousands of concurrent users, whilst also architecting new features. We’ve brought him on board to ensure our game has a reliable and robust off-chain backend that runs in parallel to all of our on-chain operations.

Dan Reynolds - Growth Champion

Dan has over 5 years experience growing social media channels and building communities online having been part of various international start-ups. He’s helped lead community and content strategy pivots into web3 DAOs as well as creating the main content and community strategy for social channels and servers. He's joint the team to help us grow our community and to ensure that the development team and community have a close relationship. A game is nothing without it's players!
Dan has also founded an internationally recognised non-profit org, called Pure Clean Earth in 2018, which has cleared over 10,000 kilograms of waste materials from nature and continues to make a positive impact daily. He’s a real life Captain Planet!
Miha Krajnc - Senior Unity Developer
Miha joins us from Popcore in Berlin, where he had been working remotely from Slovenia. Miha is used to getting his hands dirty in terms of programming, with great expertise of architecting systems from the ground up as well as fixing problems in a pragmatic way with deeper, older projects. We were impressed by his ability to instill high technical standards within a team of developers whilst also being able to execute at a high velocity. He’s also a very cool dude, which is super important for making games for the web3 generation!
Tiryon Williams - Junior Game Designer
Tiryon is new to the industry but not new to games and game design. Tiryon had an amazing portfolio of games he had worked on in his own spare time that wowed the team with how well thought through and executed they were. He has a great understanding of what makes games fun and with his youthful outlook makes up for some of the older members of the team being out of touch!
Fausto Fonseca - Principal Unity Developer
Fausto has an incredible CV, having previously been Principal Engineer at GSN Games / Scopely. Fausto’s ability to architect large scale systems and construct infrastructure key to the backbone that powers any live service game is outstanding and as such was something we really wanted to add to the team, so we have someone else that can do some more proverbial “heavy lifting” for the game and company.
Fausto is keen to return to working on games that are fun to play and he himself would enjoy himself, so that hunger combined with his exceptional technical pedigree means we are super excited to welcome him to the team!
Felipe Rybakovas - Full Stack Developer
Felipe is our second Brazilian developer, with a rich history in development having worked at IBM in the past. Felipe is a very versatile developer, working on front end and back end solutions or our core tech team, as well as working as a scrum master for the same team! A truly invaluable member of the team who knows how to get things done!
Robert Gesicki - Game Developer
Rob joins us from MAG interactive in Brighton as our new Unity Developer. Rob impressed us with his knack for being able to find the fun in gameplay, programming in such a way to improve the overall feel and experience. Several of Rob’s prototypes that he created either in his own time or as part of game jams had a real feeling of fun in them, and his ability to take ideas from concept to production is something that is invaluable in the startup environment.
Evelina Julvinskaite - Associate QA Tester
Eve is new to the games industry but not new to games! Eve joined us at a few of our monthly gaming meetups and impressed us with her knowledge of games and her impressive attitude in teaching herself how to program in her own spare time. We believe in giving people opportunities in life and Eve has already impressed us since joining with how quickly she picks up new information and positive energy that is transmitteed to the rest of the team!
Evelina Darmel - Community Manager
Our second Evelina is our new community manager! Having previously worked at Wargminag and previously on Play Paladins, Evelina has proven experience in fostering and developing great communities, helping to make our Discord a fun and exciting place to hang out.
David Sturgess - Graphic Designer
David helps make everything look that much better. Be it our announcements, our website or our marketplace, David has a knack of making information fun and exciting, whilst also making it readable and clear.
Jenson Collins - Senior Blockchain Developer
Jenson puts the "solid" in solidity! A real web3 enthusiast and veteran of the blockchain space, Jenson handles NFT marketplace development, Moralis integration, smart contracts, security and automated vesting. An integral part of our core tech team!
Corby Fung - Blockchain Developer
Corby is one of our Blockchain developers, making sure our Smart Contracts are bullet proof and secure and using Solidity to ensure all on-chain transactions are smooth and secure.
Tanya Korlilova - Senior UX / UI Designer

Tanya has thee unenviable job of trying to make the world of web3 and games easy to use and easy to understand. Crypto is currently quite complicated for mainstream usage, and gaming presents it's own set of challenges on top of that. Tanya works with the team to help make screens and flows intuitive, logical and satisfying to experience for our users!
Danielle Walsh - Social Media Manager

In thee web3 world, our online presence is pivotal to the success of our projects; helping them stand out and capture the attention of people around the world. It's also important to make sure our community can reach us across any media channel and can interact with us. Danielle's job is to make sure both of those things are true! She can usually be found in the office filming someone or something Blast Royale related!
Tomas Navikas - Concept Artist

Tomas is our concept artist. He draws concepts for new features and directions our project might be headed in, which helps us get both our developers and community excited for what's coming next!

Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork!