Blast Royale
Blast token $BLST
Blast token ($BLST) is an ERC-20 token used to perform many actions within the Blast Royale metaverse: equipment purchases/sales, replication, crafting, upgrading, repairing. It will be accompanied by a secondary token - Craft Spice ($CS). Additionally, the $BLST holders eventually will be able to stake them in the Treasury in exchange for certain benefits.
To create a sustainable metaverse that allows long term user adoption, we carefully chose our partners and designed our tokenomics to be aligned around long term vision. We will also collaborate with market makers to mitigate risks even further.
The supply of 512M $BLST will be minted with the purpose of financing the early development & expansion of the game, and rewarding the initial batch of users & the team. We will perform a series of sales to have funds to use as liquidity to list $BLST on exchanges.
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